“Having been a member of Virginia Automotive Recycler’s Association for more than ten years, I have seen many changes in the industry.   As the current President of VARA, I have first hand experience of the aggressive work being done to change the “junkyard” image and show the value of the automotive recycling industry.  VARA works diligently keeping an eye on any changes in upcoming legislation that would affect our industry. They also work with our national association, the Automotive Recycler’s Association, on issues/legislation on the federal level. On a personal level, VARA has been extremely helpful when issues have arisen at Tony’s Auto Parts. If they don’t have the answer, they work to put you in contact with people who do. If you are not currently a member of VARA, your business would benefit greatly from the expertise and support they offer our industry.”        

--Tony Wilson of Tony’s Auto Parts  

“We have been a member of VARA since 1986. Over the years VARA has worked to usher the salvage industry into the 21st century. They have put us in touch with various organizations to aid the salvage industry and to get rid of the negative ‘junk yard’ image. VARA promotes recycling to the fullest. We are a vital part of preserving the earth by recycling auto parts, oil, antifreeze, refrigerant, and more. VARA is very active with the developing legislation for the auto industry; they are the watchdogs for the auto recycler industry in the state of Virginia. There have been numerous bills that would have limited us in the way we could do business in Virginia that VARA helped to change through their legislative efforts. These changes have allowed us be more profitable as recyclers. It is very important if you want to continue in the auto recycling business that you become a member of VARA and it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. VARA has the resources and expertise to keep us informed about the particulars that concern our industry. You get a lot of return for a very small investment.”

--Lisa Street of Lew’s Auto Service and Salvage in Thornburg Virginia